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Cleverly helps minimise the appearance of fine lines around your eyes (you can use this round your lips too) and also smoothes out skin tone.
The milling model includes a processor that allows high-speed machining of free-form parts programmed in continuous small block segments and a feature called Nano Smoothing, which smoothes surfaces by converting small block segment programs into smooth NUP, B surfaces in real time.
Nexxus Veneer Shine Drops Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum, meanwhile, instantly smoothes hair, eliminates frizz and blocks humidity, resulting in a glistening shine and a silky feel, according to the company.
The Revlon Callus Remover is a dual-sided metal pedicure tool designed for at-home use that safely files away calluses and smoothes rough skin.
Sunjuice Ltd, suppliers of freshly squeezed juices, crushes and smoothes, have procured and installed a Good Food pump from Flotronic Pumps Ltd.