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President of PT Fonterra Brands Indonesia Yon Handoyo said the Indonesia unit of Fonterra is looking for a partner among the local milk producers to smoothen the investment plan.
Many telecom players have been under financial stress, so there was a demand to smoothen out the M&A procedure," said Jagannadham Thunuguntla, strategist at SMC Global Securities in New Delhi.
But it should not be forgotten that it is also the ruling bloc's responsibility to deepen and smoothen Diet deliberations.
To smoothen investigation, we have to arrest him,'' Hoesaini said.
The key question for Wangner was to find a way to smoothen the fabric surface, and thereby improve its sheet formation functionality, without damaging the fabric.
The immediate priority is for both countries to smoothen the sticking points of stalled accords and get quickly down to business to make up for lost time.
Specifically, spermine, an anti-oxidant found in semen that's said to get rid of wrinkles and smoothen out the skin.
It is believed that the talks began with team director Andy Flower to smoothen Pietersen's path back following a summer of discontent, which led to him being dropped following his texts to South African players.
Abu Dhabi Airports Company is working closely with all airline companies and all entities at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, including Ports and Airports Security Department, Immigration, Medical Services, Ground Services, and all the other concerned governmental and non-governmental entities to facilitate the procedures and to harness all the efforts to smoothen the process of pilgrims in their trip back to Abu Dhabi.
The deputy director general-level official in each bureau, assigned Friday to double as PR strategic planner, will help smoothen the flow of information between the bureaus and the press secretary's office, the official added.
The idea is expected to be able to smoothen the way toward the opening of new round of talks on world trade as proposed by advanced nations.
Unlike other entries in the bath care category, Euro Garden shower gel and body lotion products contain a unique blend of ingredients to soften and smoothen skin including real silk, moisturizing aloe and vitamin E.