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In the previous election there was much external interference and I strongly feel that my brother's withdrawal will smoothen the election process and limit excuses for such intervention as was seen previously," Karzai told reporters in Sari Lanka.
Automakers are turning to ultracapacitors for solutions that optimize efficiency, ensure reliable cold starting, better manage power flows, stiffen and smoothen the power distribution network and provide fail-safe backup for critical safety systems," said Miller.
It is aimed at formulating measures to smoothen the inflow of funds to developing countries for helping their development through investment, governmental official development assistance, trade and other methods.
To smoothen investigation, we have to arrest him,'' Hoesaini said.
This is to ensure the unhampered and enhanced delivery of services in our offices and smoothen the processing of documents,' he added.
Retd) Abdul Qayyum has said Pak-Afghan border management was need of the hour to smoothen across the border movement of people and goods between the two countries.
This decision will smoothen the traffic flow," said Al Balushi.
I want to develop a new system to smoothen the logistics system in Bahrain and lessen the impact of Custom duties.
14 ( ANI ): Kim Kardashian's step father Bruce Jenner has met with a plastic surgeon for a consultation for Laryngeal Shave - a procedure used to smoothen out the Adam's Apple.
Flyovers, bridges, underpasses and over 199 pedestrian bridges on important roads and intersections are being built to smoothen traffic flow.
Summary: The Department of Transport (DoT) has installed high-tech traffic signals at seven busy intersections in the capital that will help further smoothen traffic flow and avoid congestion.
The commuters have demanded of authorities concerned to check these hazards to smoothen traffic flow and avoid accidents.