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The statement added that this data centre, in addition to the one that AWS plans to open in Bahrain, would bring Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, AWS Shield, and AWS WAF to the region, enabling businesses to run even smoother online businesses.
In blue Jeans hug the leg and have a shape of their own, while chinos are made from softer material and carry the smoother line of trousers.
This will unclog pores and expose your follicles for a smoother shave.
THE claims on the box of this new BaByliss hairdryer are very appealing: a quicker blow-dry, smoother hair and an altogether quieter and lighter appliance.
It boasts all of the features of the company's former top-of-the-line trigger plus several upgrades that include a nickel alloy finish, a smoother pull and a black trigger shoe.
Gently drape the smoother over the rim while the wheel is slowly turning to smooth and round the rim (photo 2).
SAN DIEGO--Roughly textured materials used for orthopedic implants, such as cobalt chromium and titanium, were shown to increase the likelihood of bacterial adherence, while smoother materials such as stainless steel did not, results from an image analysis demonstrated.
Containing Iris Florentina Root Extract, known for its deeply nourishing and anti-aging benefits to skin, you simply smooth it over your face nd neck morning and night, after cleansing but before your moisturiser for smoother more refinied skin.
While this is still soft, place a large piece of rolled-out fondant on top of the cake and use the Flat Edge Smoother to smooth it down the sides, to avoid leaving fingerprints.
To reduce noise, several methods on the basis of local smoothing or filtering have been proposed in the literature, including robust locally weighted regression (lowess) (22), (weighted) running mean (moving average) (9, 23), cubic splines (24), Kalman smoother (25), Friedman super smoother (26), Savitzky-Golay filter (27), and Whittaker smoother (28, 29).
com)-- An innovative new product designed to provide its users with a simplified method through which to carry out an essential beauty and wellness-related practice, the Foot Smoother, has been developed by Viola Nault of Glendale, Rhode Island.
A 1 mile section of the road will be resurfaced to provide drivers with smoother, safer and quieter journeys.