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Enjoy a blend with the smoothest possible character by entering now.
The International Paso Horse Federation will be sponsoring a Ride a Paso Fino event during the show, and it will give anyone who would like to experience the World's Smoothest Ride an opportunity to ride one of these amazing horses.
Guidall's voice has edges which, depending on the character he is portraying, have been finished with the roughest grade of sandpaper to the smoothest buffing.
Just toss in fresh, whole fruits and in about 30 seconds you've got the smoothest smoothie you've ever tasted
As its stands right now, the smoothest, most insane park filled with every contraption under the sun happens to be in Louisville Kentucky, USA.
With best-of-class graphics and video acceleration, the RADEON 8500 delivers the smoothest, most natural 3D images, including support for advanced vertex and pixel shaders to enable more complex and realistic texture and lighting effects, without compromising performance.
Kate Winslet was voted the star with the smoothest features, ahead of Catherine Zeta Jones.
Filming took place earlier this year in Morocco, under the direction of Shekhar Kapur of Elizabeth fame, and Ledger confirms the rumours that it was not the smoothest of rides, with sandstorms, flash floods and on-set injuries.
me 911 is the smoothest looking phone we've seen in a long time.
Handing over the house keys may be the smoothest move of the presidential transition.
The new SRM carries the smoothest sinusoidal profile of the set.
Coined the "champagne chocolate" by BE'S editorial staff, this delicacy was described as the smoothest among the top picks.