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We are smoothly implementing and we are very satisfied with the speed of the implementation,' Ahsan Iqbal said in an interview on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in the Chinese city of Dalian.
The strikes affected Northern Rail services, with the firm saying they managed to keep trains running smoothly throughout the morning rush hour.
He said he was confident that the elections would run smoothly with no hindrance.
Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed al-Farsi, Wali of Al Musannah, Head of the Election Committee in the wilayat said that the polling process is conducted easily and smoothly at Umm Kalthoum bint Aqba School, Shams Al Huda School and Imam Khanbash School.
Glides on smoothly, Glides on smoothly, with long-lasting colour.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Auto Teller Machine (ATM) system which was out of order due to maintenance, has been restored and functioning smoothly, a top official of the Bank told reporter here Wednesday.
ASHTON Kutcher is determined to make sure the birth of his first child goes smoothly.
While the tea tree oil gets to work on pesky spots, the serum glides on smoothly, leaving skin silky soft with a matte finish.
Xience Xpedition features a new delivery system designed to navigate smoothly through clogged blood vessels in the heart during an angioplasty procedure, particularly in patients with complicated heart vessel anatomy.
Billed as convenient and easy to use, Mary Kay At Play Lip Crayons glide on smoothly with a buttery texture, delivering high-impact, and lasting color with a shimmery finish, said the company.
The implementation process went smoothly despite the country risk and security problems in Yemen at that time.
The craft has come a long way since its last series of test flights in 2011, an improved camera guidance system allowing the craft to take off and land smoothly using computer controlled commands.