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But the men were no longer eager as they pulled and hauled, and I heard curses amongst them, which left their lips smothered and as heavy and lifeless as were they.
"And now, Ishmael," resumed his conquering wife, "in order to keep a quiet family and to smother all heart-burnings between us, show yonder Red-skin and his daughter," pointing to the aged Le Balafre and the widowed Tachechana, "the way to their village, and let us say to them --God bless you, and farewell, in the same breath!"
"Paul!" exclaimed the reproachful, but smothered voice of Ellen.
Acting by himself, he could hardly have smothered Mr.
Smallweed here, I really am being smothered fifty times over.
I--I really am so completely smothered myself at present," says Mr.
I was going to buy a paper-cutter, but I believed I could remember the cold comfort of the Rigi-Kulm without it, so I smothered the impulse.
Thus ended the memorable field of Ashby-de-la-Zouche, one of the most gallantly contested tournaments of that age; for although only four knights, including one who was smothered by the heat of his armour, had died upon the field, yet upwards of thirty were desperately wounded, four or five of whom never recovered.
The youngster's dress was set on fire but her quick-thinking mum managed to quickly smother the flames and she was not seriously injured.
Firefighters were today preparing to smother flames at a blazing oil terminal.
In an upcoming Nature Materials, researchers describe another way to smother plastic's fiery potential: Include a network of carbon nanotubes.
Centre manager Heather Hogarty said: "We smother them with sunblock to protect them from the rays but they need so much of it through the summer period that our stocks are running low.