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Gaoiran said the child appeared to have been smothered with a pillow.
The judge heard that she died from being smothered by her teenage attacker.
In his new appeal, Carter's attorney cited "new evidence" of other pathologists who disagreed that Tomlin was smothered.
Qandeel Baloch, originally Fauzia Saeed, who had been spending days with her parents after she returned home for Eid, was asleep at her parent home inGreen Town in Multan, when her brother, identified as Waseem entered the house and smothered her to death before fleeing, police said.
Heather Davidson, left, has been jailed for life after she smothered dying |devout Christian David Paterson, right, despite his opposition to euthanasia
But a police investigation and inquest revealed Griselda had smothered her bed-ridden mother with a pillow before taking her own life.
During the programme, Gosling said he smothered his partner because he was "in terrible, terrible pain".
Ray Gosling, 70, was detained by police after he told viewers of BBC East Midlands' Inside Out programme he smothered the unnamed partner as he lay in hospital suffering from Aids.
5 : to cover thickly <The salad was smothered with dressing.
The South High Community School junior allegedly admitted to police she smothered her son.
Hot Putney is a new rich sauce with the heat of Harissa on the tongue which can be stirred into sauces, stews, or smothered over crispy bread.
THE mother of two girls believed to have been smothered to death by their father has spoken about the pain of losing her "princesses".