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Geddes was accused of smothering Mr McKay, 48, with a pillow at the victim's home in Inverness after faking his will.
Historically, the sudden death of an apparently healthy baby during nighttime sleep would have been rationalized as accidental smothering or overlaying.
She is being held without bail after being charged in court Tuesday for allegedly smothering her son, Khyle, with a brown teddy bear found in his crib Sunday.
Edmund's clinging, unhappy mother controlled by alternating smothering and egotism.
media's top Kremlin apologist during the 1930s and his key role in smothering news of Stalin's slaughter-by-famine of the Ukrainian people.
A FATHER was today jailed for life for smothering his six-month-old baby son to death and trying to kill his second son a year later.
ON JANUARY 18, one of Africa's deadliest volcanoes unleashed a river of lava--scalding liquid rock--down its steep slopes, smothering the town of Goma.
He told the jury that three medical experts would be called by the prosecution to tell them that the only causes of the deaths for Jason and Matthew was 'an imposed airway obstruction' that had been applied by someone smothering or suffocating.
Eleven-week-old Christopher was said to have been killed by smothering in 1996 and Harry, aged eight weeks, smothered or shaken to death in 1998.
Simkin says more public education about these longer-term dangers of eruptions and increased attention to lava and smothering gases such as carbon dioxide could help stem risks to growing populations near volcanoes.
Smothering the fire may be attempted by either closing the dampers to shut off the air flow through the system or by flooding the system with carbon dioxide ([CO.
Explosions and implosions canal outward and into the night, smothering and applauding the screams they produce.