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The DVD offers a series introduction, 24- minute film, interactive glossary, and map; the music CD has 18 tracks--Novelty (3:14), The Spoiled Girl (2:07), I Burn, I Smoulder Like Charcoal (3:27), Kokotoi's Memorial Feast (6:26), Gift (2:07), Impudent One (3:21), I'm Sad To Say Goodbye (2:33), Attila Khan, (3:28), Ak Satkyn and Kulmyrza (9:10), Ocarina (2:00), Flower (3:36), On the Road (2:27), Soviet (3:11), I Remember (5:04), Wide Valley (2:39), I Miss You (3:31), Kambarkan (4:50), A Melody That Wakes Up a Girl (2:47).
He stressed that cigarettes can smoulder in furniture for several hours before causing a blaze, and added there had was no smoke alarm fitted at the property.
But, since then, the scene has continued to smoulder and residents are worried about the smoke and smell, which continues to affect their properties.