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The court was further prayed to declare that the riverbed being used by the respondents for open burning and smouldering of solid waste be declared illegal,since it amounted to playing with the lives of the petitioners and other residents of the area.
It was still smouldering on Sunday morning when residents came across it.
A spokeswoman for Cleveland Fire Brigade said that the flames were smouldering inside a sealed container.
A spokesperson for Gateshead Council said: "There are still little pockets of fire smouldering underground, but work was carried out to ensure that the fire did not spread any further.
Ashley Lansdown, leading on the incident for the organisation, said: "The fire is still smouldering in certain areas of the wood stockpile which could take weeks to resolve and as the operator removes waste, more smoke will be produced from time to time.
Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eyeshadow Palette, PS42 I love this smouldering new palette, because you can go as natural or as naughty as you like.
Summary: Fire crews have been battling with wildfires in Oklahoma after 15 blazes have destroyed more than 120 structures and left a small town smouldering.
But while she claims she has no "special secret", few women look this smouldering hot while working out at the gym.
A FIREFIGHTER rakes up the smouldering remains of 200 tonnes of straw set ablaze at a Midland farm.
There is heightened concern that a smouldering Chinese lantern could easily cause such fires.
He added that it is not possible to determine whether the blaze developed through flames or smouldering because there was not enough evidence of the fuel that fed it, or the way that fuel was arranged or "configured".
The girl had panicked and thrown the gown away from the bed, after the belt trailed in her ashtray and started smouldering.