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He continued gibbering and chuckling dementedly, to twist the bushman's head back and forth and to feed the smudge with punk-wood.
She sat there, racking her brain, the smudge of Oakland at her back, staring across the bay at the smudge of Ban Francisco.
Her eyes showed her only the smudge of San Francisco, the smudge of Oakland, where men were breaking heads and killing one another, where babies were dying, born and unborn, and where women were weeping with bruised breasts.
The tents were set up, smudge fires built and supper quickly prepared.
With each word the angry pencil made a mark, and in a moment the drawing upon which Fanny Price had spent so much time and eager trouble was unrecognisable, a confusion of lines and smudges.
Presently D'Arnot stopped at a page on which were five tiny little smudges.
Twice as we ascended Holmes whipped his lens out of his pocket and carefully examined marks which appeared to me to be mere shapeless smudges of dust upon the cocoa-nut matting which served as a stair- carpet.
There was nothing on the walls but the paper, an expanse of arsenical green, soiled with indelible smudges here and there, and with stains resembling faded maps of uninhabited continents.
Five-year-old Smudge sniffed out Teddy, a small black crossbreed who was hiding in bushes near his home.
Prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, Judith Curry said Smudge the Jack Russell was found dying outside of Morrisons supermarket at Denton Park, Newcastle, by a passerby on October 26 last year.
RSPCA inspectors are now searching for any information on who may have targeted ten-year-old Smudge.
Two-year-old Lhasa apso Smudge lives with Angie, Davy, Roisin and Ribh Cullen in Port Glasgow.