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Pick a soft liner - like the M&S Kohl Eyeliner Pencil, PS3 - instead of a liquid one, as this gives it more of a subtle smudged effect.
8220;This is a product for anyone who uses a camera, a phone, laptop, or pretty much anything with a smudged screen,” reviewer Dennissa Ramirez wrote.
The theft was discovered by a technician in the company which bought the equipment when he closely examined the smudged serial numbers and called the police.
Pencil is precise enough for lines but not too hard so can be smudged.
AIRPORT BLUES: The ups and downs of flying into Newcastle leave reader Richard Dodd feeling his holiday had been smudged.
Easy to apply, though I did find the mascara had smudged by lunchtime - that was even before I'd been in the water.
Rendered in charcoal on creamcolored paper, "Glove Skinning" is a triptych, sewn together with thread, creased, and smudged, that depicts in detail how to flay a rabbit.
By the end of the day, it had smudged slightly but, for the price, you can't argue.
Naturally infected red smudged and healthy seed from a 1992 trial near Outlook, SK, and a 1993 trial near Swift Current, SK, were used for the 1993 and 1994 field tests, respectively.
At the end, coatless, faces smudged with black greasepaint, fingers curled, the dancers advance on the audience like a phalanx of ghouls from Michael Jackson's "Thriller.
50) Can be used as a fine line or smudged for special effects.