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He continued gibbering and chuckling dementedly, to twist the bushman's head back and forth and to feed the smudge with punk-wood.
She sat there, racking her brain, the smudge of Oakland at her back, staring across the bay at the smudge of Ban Francisco.
Her eyes showed her only the smudge of San Francisco, the smudge of Oakland, where men were breaking heads and killing one another, where babies were dying, born and unborn, and where women were weeping with bruised breasts.
The tents were set up, smudge fires built and supper quickly prepared.
To them it must have seemed a miracle that I should be able to stand at thrice the range of the most powerful javelin-thrower and with a loud noise and a smudge of smoke slay one of their number with an invisible missile.
That there is little hope of that is evidenced by the fact that during all the days we have drifted we have seen no sail, nor the faintest smudge of smoke upon the horizon.
In dashed Sir Nigel, and out again so swiftly that the eye could not follow the quick play of his blade, but a trickle of blood from the stranger's shoulder, and a rapidly widening red smudge upon his white surcoat, showed where the thrust had taken effect.
He held the lamp down and illuminated a smudge of blood like the mark of a boot-sole upon the wooden sill.
Anybody who wears glasses will understand the constant effort to rid your lenses from annoying fingerprints and mystery smudges.
Thanks to this durable, anti-reflective coating with oleophobic properties (DARO left), fingerprints and smudges on picture glazing don t have a chance compared to an antireflective coating without DARO.
But no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the fingerprints and other smudges off the finish.
Stephen Bunn says he smudges to help with the grief he feels after his brother committed suicide, but officials at his Manitoba school point out that they have a scent-free policy and have asked him not to attend school if he smudges in the morning.