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drsyate always appears as "dryate," with the first part of the second aksara sometimes smudgily written in by hand above the line), in the transliteration (e.
One of these, The Firebird, with decor and costumes closely based on the original Golovin designs, was a decorative gem, although the other, a smudgily inaccurate staging of Scheherazade, proved infintely less acceptable.
But there are some surprises: Dryden and Milton being archly naughty, George Crabbe taking propagatory liberties with cucumbers, Roger Woddis, most unexpectedly, looking the other way from the columns of the neo-thirties block of the Radio Times, and the full text (not, for once, smudgily typewritten on creased and greased and stickily fingered lavatory-paper-style stationery) of 'Eskimo Nell'.