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However, despite some rather far-fetched arguments in this chapter, and illustrations which are few and smudgily reproduced, the work as a whole is thoroughly fresh and informative, and written in a most pleasant and readable style.
One of these, The Firebird, with decor and costumes closely based on the original Golovin designs, was a decorative gem, although the other, a smudgily inaccurate staging of Scheherazade, proved infintely less acceptable.
But there are some surprises: Dryden and Milton being archly naughty, George Crabbe taking propagatory liberties with cucumbers, Roger Woddis, most unexpectedly, looking the other way from the columns of the neo-thirties block of the Radio Times, and the full text (not, for once, smudgily typewritten on creased and greased and stickily fingered lavatory-paper-style stationery) of 'Eskimo Nell'.