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As for the iPad, it is perhaps the biggest step yet on a road towards highly sophisticated, light, portable reading devices which will make paper and smudgy ink look medieval.
While Soviet-era dissidents had to depend on smudgy mimeographs and Western radio stations to get their message out, Charter 08 has been able to use Web sites, e-mails and text messages -- despite the massive firewall operation of Chinese authorities.
For, looking back from the opposite end of the gallery, what in fact appear as smudgy, broken-up and twisted outlines of these colorful shapes are but mere reflections in two polished aluminum sculptures diagonally placed across the middle of the room.
The boy touches the corners of the page counting, "one, two, three" and again--three times in all--touching the page with smudgy fingertips while wishing that he, too, had a guardian angel for protection, and wishing that he could be the guardian angel who saves Issac from his father's knife.
In this case I would note that some of the spreadsheet extracts included in the text are so smudgy as to be unreadable.
Much of the film is dialogue-free, and presented with a smudgy, widescreen artfulness that marries realism with high style.
Its characters break up and turn into drifting slightly smudgy coloured dots.
And its narrow columns, smudgy type and one-column headlines with numerous subheads gave the Dispatch the appearance of a newspaper lifted out of the 1890s.
The Book contains nine Start Sketching pencils in assorted degrees, from a soft, smudgy 6B to a smooth, crisp 2H.
Now, how do you vacuum the music off those clumsy, smudgy, music CDs and shake it into MP3 format?
The stumbling block to beaming live racing round the web, and tickling the wallets of the world's punters, has always been the poor quality of streamed video via standard 56k modems, which reduces races to a handful of smudgy snapshots, almost in the French Impressionist style.
The contrast between the handwriting and background is high, but examination of the blank areas of the ledger pages reveals that there is a fairly uniform layer of smudgy fingerprints that covers the page surface.