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That annoys me a bit because it's easy to be smug when you have the answers in front of you.
A wretched backpass from Lorenzo Paramatti was pounced on by Yesil, who coolly rounded Smug and rolled into the empty net.
I spoke to a number of my senior players and they told me he was smug towards them while clearly knowing a lot of the Chelsea team - he was just short of asking for their autographs.
I could be a smug 80-year-old who also does the same, and I am, but hopefully without being smug.
Presenter Chris Tarrant came second for his smug performance on TV's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
But scratch the surface and no party had an awful lot to be smug about.
The book sums up Greenfield's views about Washington, and traces her own mental development from a smug Adlai Stevenson liberal to a more mature and inquisitive person capable of empathizing with politicians of various political stripes.
These bedspreads are like paintings in disguise, and they are far more successful than they would be if hung on the gallery walls with a smug air of cultural importance.
There is never a time we should allow our teens to become so smug as to classify themselves as better than someone who doesn't conform to their fickle ideals.
These data challenge our rather smug beliefs about mating systems, says Phil Clapham of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.
GORDON Ramsay couldn't resist a reprisal of his smug catchphrase when he shared the news that he's splashed out on a PS1million Ferrari.
Michael McIntyre worked his fat little calves off, pulling back from the brink of smug with some beautifully detailed stuff about the countryside.