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6 St Mungo High Street Another mural by Smug depicts Glasgow's patron saint, St Mungo, in modern-day clothes.
Stand-up comedian and actor Smug Roberts tops the bill and Alun Cochrane, left, returns to his home patch.
Though I heard her out politely, it was with a kind of smug dismissiveness.
This isn't an issue of "blogs bad, mainstream media good." Professional journalists can be obnoxiously smug about their claims to objectivity and superior wisdom.
Here in the fat First World we are smug and arrogant perhaps because we haven't had to shed blood for Christ or defend our soil.
Its tragic drift is bookended by a pair of GWs: Bush, recognizably smug even in a few blotches of oil paint, and Washington, a la Gilbert Stuart but mortally disappointed.
At times, we are even proud and quite smug about our place in the northwestern sun and can clearly envision that famous billboard on highway 401, which read, "You could be home by now if you lived in the great northwestern Ontario."
What I've realised though is that while I've become a little fitter, I've also turned into one of those horrible, horrible, horrible smug runners.
DEGT and MHP are utilizing Solution Mining Under Gas (SMUG) technology to quickly bring additional capacity to the marketplace without interruption of service.
There is still the chance of a future free of the deliberate, smug violence of empire or the capricious violence of fanaticism or vendetta.
OK, it's a little smug, and has some of the aforementioned problems: an article on absinthe, a fake advice column with hangover cures, and a six-page treatise on the "State of Modem Skateboarding," which is the main article.
Waterman were compiling their tome, Big Blue was showing signs of growing fat and smug. It misjudged the impact of PCs on the industry, failed to establish strategic relationships with gestating titans, developed a haughtiness toward its customers, and basically screwed up on all fronts.