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Stand-up comedian and actor Smug Roberts tops the bill and Alun Cochrane, left, returns to his home patch.
Being among God's chosen gave me a certain smug comfort in dealing with anybody I disliked or disagreed with.
Conversely, the blogocrats can be obnoxiously smug about the virtues of the blogs.
And when, in a last-minute attempt to sprint home through the Millennium Stadium, desperate to beat my friend Jenny, my body reminded me that I'm 32 not 12 and I was ill on the hallowed turf - smug runner became a sick joke.
Such an app roach to classical studies, revealed in his lectures on Virgil, nonetheless made him vulnerable to charges of smug moralizing, the gist of Machiavelli's sallies against his colleague.
Before anyone gets smug about the centuries-old Western belief in one father per baby, Beckerman points out that microscope studies didn't confirm the idea for animals until 1879.
Number after number is unbearably slick, jokey, insular, and smug.
Smug Andrea Leadsom, another Minister who'd be out of their depth in a puddle, should heed Edward Leigh, who warns the road to tyranny is paved by Governments ignoring Parliaments.
AS the increasingly smug Bear Grylls never tires of telling us, the contestants on his C4 survival nonsense The Island faced a massive struggle to make it through to the end.
COMEDIAN Alexander Armstrong says he is not a fan of fellow quiz show host Jeremy Paxman - accusing the abrasive TV star of being smug.
Coady took responsibility from the spot and clinically dispatched it past Dawid Smug.
The Coventry City boss was furious with Bennett who he accused of being smug to his own players, while treating Guss Hiddink's men like friends.