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She'll roll back three hours later, looking smugger than ever, smelling of jasmine and proclaiming to all and sundry how calm and creative she feels.
And if he does eventually crack America without the support of his fellow country men, it'll give him a reason to be even smugger than normal.
Even three furlongs from home, as Mick Kinane sat smugger than the Lord Mayor, it was almost embarrassing to watch, were it not so compelling.
I do not think, with the possible exception of a banker, there's a smugger, more self-satisfied human being than your average hardcore cyclist.
Sergeant Ashby had one arm around Bobs shoulders, his other arm around Smugger.
Smugger climbed the rope ladder to the top of the jetty.
AS every laughingly inflated transfer fee was being paid, Jose Mourinho must have been feeling smugger than usual.
It's meant to make the speaker look dead brainy, when it just makes them less curious about life than you or I, but much smugger.
Were he to play Bond, he would guarantee himself fame, money and Pussy Galore and look even smugger than he does already.
David is feeling smugger than ever when he realises his ex still cares enough to be jealous.
ONCE again London's smugger dinner parties are dominated by the self-satisfied chatter about how fast their house prices are going up.