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Welcome back Peter Mandelson, the smuggest man in Westminster.
THE toff in the black plunging hardpressed families into the red is the smuggest minister of them all.
Even BBC2's Eggheads (the five smuggest smartarses on Planet Earth) would have been totally stumped.
City trader Peter Wall was allowed to be smuggest member of the audience that night with an IQ of 135.
And that's probably because other shows wouldn't waste any time in trying to determine which was the smuggest nation, which guest (out of Jason Manford, Graham Garden and Henning Wehn) was the most artistic and what was the worst football song.
Now she is being pilloried, not just by the public, but by Louis Walsh, who is fast becoming the smuggest man on TV.
St John 14,6 IF EVER there was an invention of the devil, it is that smuggest of heresies that we can all be perfectly good Christians without ever going near a Christian Church.
It could have been Karen who,despite her alcoholism and failed marriage to David,probably won the smuggest of the smug contest.
Porridge hair Miranda versus Carrie at her couture ballerina dress-wearing, Aleksandr Petrofsky-dating smuggest - it's a plummet.
Cue Arsene throwing the smuggest of I-told-you-so looks and these words: "I know it is in Lukasz.
CATS are supposed to have nine lives and if that's the case, time could be running out for the smuggest man on the telly - because Jimmy Carr's comedy panel show is nine series' old today.
There were also shouts for Happy Hollidays and I salute everyone who nominated Eggheads simply because CJ is the smuggest git on the telly.