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They managed to smuggle drugs in pills to store them before smuggling them out of the country.
Customs people also arrested two passengers for trying to smuggle these tortoises.
Also neighbor states should cooperate with each other to fight it and without such a cooperation this combat cannot be successful because smuggler smuggle goods from a country to another country.
The oil tanker ship was trying to smuggle 500,000 of fuel before its was stopped by an IRGC patrol 18 miles off the Persian Gulf island of Qeshm in the Strait of Hormuz.
I was arrested in the month of December, during which I managed to smuggle two shipments,'' says Moussa.
The main problem we are facing is that a small group of individuals are using their secret connections to smuggle Bahrain's subsidised meat mainly to Saudi Arabia,' said Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) food committee chairman Ebrahim Abdali Isa Al Daaysi.
Imposition of regulatory duties have not only deprived the country of due revenue that was to be realised upon their legal imports in the country but also incentivised the Afghan importers to import such products under ATTA and smuggle back into Pakistan for higher gains.
Then there are those who attempt to smuggle in mobile sets with the aim of keeping in touch with their family members although prisons provide inmates with facilities to talk with their families.
As for the second attempt, thanks to inspectors' vigilance and experience in body language, they have noticed another confused Asian passenger who was carrying 30 tablets of heroin inside his body in an attempt to smuggle them through Dubai Int'l Airport- Terminal 2.
They also could be used (and almost certainly are being used) to smuggle terrorists--along with weapons and explosives--into the United States.
Michael Briggs tried to smuggle the drugs through Dover after they were loaded on to the lorry abroad, the court heard.
The NPA said smugglers typically bribe sailors in Pusan to hide Chinese immigrants on board their ships and smuggle them to Japan.