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As this developed, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and joint security forces intercepted a motor launch and seized 2,500 sacks of smuggled rice Friday night in Zamboanga City, an official said yesterday.
The President said he wanted to end the "insanity" behind the auction of smuggled goods, which he claimed abused by the smugglers in cahoots with some custom agents.
With the smuggled products cheaper, there has been a shift in consumption which affected Indian tobacco farmers adversely as the smuggled cigarettes do not use Indian tobacco, it added.
They said that ASO caught total 64 smuggled vehicles of worth Rs 136.
Markets across the country are flooded with smuggled goods and local industries are struggling for survival as smuggled goods are not only easily available everywhere but are also attracting the buyers who prefer foreign merchandise.
During checking, 51000 litres smuggled Iranian diesel was recovered from a tanker and 24000 litres from and mazda (mini truck) which was being transported to Karachi from Gwadar.
Sleuths are trying to identify the buyers of the smuggled gold suspected to be in the NCR region in adjoining states.
This racket had adopted an ingenious modus operandi of gold smuggling wherein smuggled goods were brought to Delhi from Guwahati on 617 occasions by declaring it as valuable cargo in domestic flights operated by a particular airlines, to avoid being detected by Customs.
The Regie warned the heads of tobacco sales departments in Lebanon that the authorities will cancel the sale contract if they discover even one smuggled cigarette pack.
It has been the most popular smuggled brand in Iran for decades, displacing Winston, known in Iran as vin-es-ton, another American brand.
He smuggled 161 pills of the banned painkiller Tramadol along with phones to an Emirati inmate, 48, after accepting a bribe worth Dhs6,600.
Officials statistic said that cost of one 40- feet imported container of fabric is 9,05,0000 while the cost of 40-feet smuggled container of the same container is 8,720,310 rupees, the difference is 330,690 rupees.