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Here I sat, inside my first ship, a smuggler, accepted as a comrade by a harpooner and a runaway English sailor who said his name was Scotty.
Evidently he belonged to the class of smugglers who ply their trade without resorting to violent courses, and who only exert patience and craft to defraud the government.
He must wrestle with something; whenever he is not risking his neck he is at odds with society, he lends a helping hand to smugglers.
So it wasn't Dona Rita, it wasn't Blunt, it wasn't the Pretender with his big infectious laugh, it wasn't all that lot of politicians, archbishops, and generals, of monks, guerrilleros, and smugglers by sea and land, of dubious agents and shady speculators and undoubted swindlers, who were pushing their fortunes at the risk of their precious skins.
Hence the smugglers habitually consorted with the debtors (who received them with open arms), except at certain constitutional moments when somebody came from some Office, to go through some form of overlooking something which neither he nor anybody else knew anything about.
She told him quaint little stories of the smugglers, of wrecks, and the legends of the fisher people.
Summary: Ferozepur (Punjab) [India] Feb 20 (ANI): The Border Security Force (BSF) on Tuesday gunned down a Pakistani smuggler and recovered 10 kilogram of heroin from his possession in Punjab's Ferozepur sector.
During the exchange of fire two were killed and one injured smuggler was arrested.
FC troops arrested the injured smuggler namely Mazar Khan from the spot who is being interrogated.
One suspected smuggler was allegedly killed and two sustained gunshot wounds and a Customs officer was hit in the eyes by a bottle thrown at fleeing Customs officers on Wednesday morning during an exchange of gunfire between Customs officers attached to the Federal Operations Unit, Zone A, Ikeja of the Nigerian Customs Service and rice smugglers at Abule-Egba in Lagos.
In the first attempt, a drug smuggler was arrested while trying to smuggle three kg hashish from KP to Punjab near Sarka village on the bank of river Indus.
HUNGU -- Local police foiled a bid of narcotics smuggling by recovering 106 kilogram of hashish from a pick-up van and arrested one smuggler from Kurram Bridge within the limits of Thall Police Station.