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of you'll be the when I my I'm because, the nagging We think we can be better than our parents because we smugly congratulate ourselves that we know how not to do it
I'm going to ponder that one, sitting smugly in my San Francisco garden and indulging my lesbian affection for my species of choice--the butterfly.
they say so smugly, not realizing they don't know Jesus from Jack, as this encounter ironically bears out.
But Nader's rants against the smugly self-contained Commission on Presidential Debates often ring true.
Lately all the movie stars have been shopping here, and "Now that we were recently voted Best Snow and Skateboard Shop on the Planet, there's no looking back," says Kelso smugly.
Beltway cynics smugly repeat the conventional wisdom: Campaign finance reform is dead on arrival; voters just don't care about it.
A powerful profession smugly certain of its own importance and comfortable in its ways suddenly finds that the modest experiments of a few educators and editors have built into waves of reform.
On Christmas Eve he smugly placed an obviously store-wrapped gift under the tree, followed by the comment, "I'll bet you can't guess what this one is.
The kindest thing I can say about this is that Mr Lacovara is severely misinformed," said Fisher smugly.
At best, it is pretheological; at worst, it approaches Kahlil Gibran in its lack of willingness to deal seriously with those questions that have perennially engaged the "Great Traditions" it smugly dismisses.
Geniuses abound, diamonds hidden in the sand overlooked, ignored by those the shabby glitter of glass confuse, smiling at each other, "big" frogs smugly snug in their minute ponds, nodding their heads in consensual sightlessness.
What worried him was the tendency of "academicized" intellectuals, smugly enclosed within their own autonomous disciplines, to move farther and farther out of touch with the concrete problems and gritty particularities of city life.