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I felt that little seed of smugness arise, and I knew it was time to return to some of those ancient teachings for a good ego cleanse.
She says the "Christ alone" belief leads to smugness because Christians believe they are the only ones with access to God.
You should be in jail Mr Stephanou, along with your cohorts, Evagorou, both Kyprianous - Marcos and Andreas - never mind stupid look on his face Stavrakis, mouthy Sotiroulla and that 'hit man' lookalike, Sylikiotis, all led there by their ringleader, Christofias, Mr Smugness himself.
Trevor-Roper led a rather charmed life, had a good war and was lucky: this led to a certain smugness and self-complacency.
Finally, the vitriolic reactions in the NCR Cafe, prompted by Bishop Trautman's statements, over Rome's "intransigence" on these matters demonstrate how much arrogance, contempt, sarcasm and smugness there still is among so many of our Catholic literati and intelligentsia.
We hope that you will take essays and students like them at face value, and try to avoid cynicism or smugness in reading them.
That's not simply because of the grandiose smugness displayed on every page of these books.
We would do well, therefore, to avoid indulging in either smugness or Schadenfreude.
But we are constantly brought back to the crushing weight of the waves of stone that surge and swell and seem to burrow beneath the city, undermining the smugness of the modern capital and interrupting its continuities.
Maybe a little rain will wash away Southwesterners' smugness about their sun-drenched paradise, while also giving the place a much-needed rinse.
And now,' says O'Shea, resisting the urge to indulge in smugness, 'a lot of the stuff we thought of as being crazy then is there in your mobile phone'.