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Yet despite--and because--of its irreverence and smuttiness, not to mention its humor, Jews bought and read Portnoy's Complaint.
It seems, on balance, doubtful to me, not because of its smuttiness, but because the sniggering has an un-Swiftian lack of focus and it is doubtful also on linguistic grounds (the latter, however, both as to the pronunciation of "Mr.
Anyway, the Bell's good fortune was a rare bright spot in a tough week for those of us who prefer good, wholesome fun to puerile smuttiness.
Brian Shaffer has given perhaps the most complete and useful reading of pornography in the novel, but he ultimately concludes that the correspondence between "revolutionary politics and pornography" is used simply "to tarnish the glamour of subversive politics with the smuttiness of tawdry sex" (443), which seems too simple to be satisfactory for a novel that revels in contradiction.