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By saying he is "outrageous", we make his smutty utterances sound more interesting then they are.
This shamelessly smutty site celebrates the inadvertently phallic logo by handing out gongs to those that are the most life like.
Verdict: I Want Candy is a surprisingly sweet and enjoyable teen comedy ( more saucy than seedy, trading largely in smutty postcard humour e la Carry On.
The Ospreys rugby team are calling for the BBC to review Sue Barker's position after her smutty joke about Gavin Henson during the Sports Personality of the Year awards.
The chain's chief executive, Jacqueline Gold, argues it is a reputable high street retailer, not a smutty sex shop, and the ban is unlawful.
But also mixed in are auto body shops, second-hand TV stores and smutty book purveyors - but give the neighborhood points for effort.
Royal author Andrew Morton has attacked the Edinburgh Festival - for being too smutty.
As the all-star casts for this year's pantomimes are announced, the 64-year-old ventriloquist says that today's leading lights are too smutty.
LINDSAY Lohan's mum has insisted her daughter's Playboy shoot won't be smutty.
Currie found no favours with viewers because she comes across less red-hot chick than smutty old broad.
Ross landed in hot water when he appeared on Russell Brand's Radio 2 show in 2008 and they left smutty messages on the answering machine of actor Andrew Sachs during the show.
More than anything, it's just good to see Graham back on silly, smutty form