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Dame June called for a return of "witty" comedies such as Only Fools and Horses, rather than smutty humour.
Giving evidence at Cardiff Crown Court, Riste told prosecutor Nigel Fryer: "I feel sorry for your dirty, smutty mind."
Aged nine, the grown-up themes in Grease skimmed over my head unnoticed, like paper planes carrying a smutty cargo ' '
It's the 30s and 40s who are the most likely to be using this media tool and the kids just look and wonder why their mums and dads are looking for all their old photos and smutty jokes and putting them online.
Oh why do the women all have to be mouthy or shouters and the men foul-mouthed, smutty and unfunny?
Drug Sudeikis The same could be said for much of the movie, which wallows in rude, crude, smutty humour - which would be fine, bar the fact that the laugh-out-loud moments are few and far between.
The duo of dim-witted Wolves fans who filmed their smutty antics as they invaded Albion's pitch no doubt did so in high spirits rather than as a calculated attempt to cause trouble.
The inhabitants of Dheri Hassan Abad and Dhok Sheran have been suffering from epidemics as the smutty water of Nullah gushed into the houses, which produces stinking smell and become a cause of several other hazardous diseases in an area.
This proved to be a traditional pantomime with good clean fun suitable for all ages of children without even a hint of smutty material or bad language, somewhat of a change in the present times.
"The gist of his rather smutty comments was that, while everyone considered Brad to be the luckiest man in the world to have got together with Angelina, John thought he was really unlucky as he has no fantasy woman - she was his reality," the Daily Express quoted a source as saying.