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In each plot four vegetation attributes were recorded including number of snags, ratio of snags to live trees, basal area of live trees, canopy extent of live and dead trees, and ratio of snag canopy to live canopy.
Anglers often try idling around a snag to free their bait from different angles.
It's important to remember that we sometimes get stuck in traps, snags and dilemmas without realising it.
Sources said the pilot got angry as he was not satisfied with the manner in which the technical snag was being addressed and
Although manual therapy (mulligan SNAG and PA mobilization) is frequently used for CGH in therapeutic practice but there is limited evidence for their effectiveness and there are no clinical trials that have compared these techniques for the treatment of CGH [7 8].
At each nest tree or snag (hereafter nest substrate) I recorded habitat variables that included the nest substrate species, decay class Types 1-4 (defined in Table 1; Kozma 2009), height (m), dbh (cm), cavity height (m), slope (%), canopy cover (%), shrub height (m), and presence of fungal fruiting bodies (hereafter conks) on the nest substrate.
Their gleeful faces though made him suspicious, so much so that he began searching for the cause of the customers' smile sand it was then that the entire technical snag was detected.
The SMF saved me 15 crankbaits (I started counting), before I finally lost a crankbait and the SMF to a snag.
SNAG knives are the brainchild of martial arts expert Louis Krudo, a master of the Filipino fighting discipline Arnis, derived from the Spanish term arnis de mano (rough translation: harnessing of the hand).
30pm as trains halted at the station following announcements of snag and clueless passengers were wondering how long this would go on.
Emirates can confirm flight EK 385, an A380 aircraft from Bangkok to Dubai, was diverted to Hyderabad International Airport today at 0345 hours due to a technical snag in the aircraft," an Emirates spokeswoman said in a statement released on Sunday.
That's because it's easy to snag the back of your coveralls on the engine fire suppression system safety pin.