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When deploying a lure knocker, keep a good grip on that cord or your snagged lure will gain permanent company.
Powys coroner Andrew Barkley recorded a narrative verdict saying: "It seems likely that his body had been held underwater by the strap being snagged in the undergrowth."
Bowen's first job was to try to free a snagged cable on the end of the shuttle's inspection boom.
WORCESTER - Two utility poles in a section of the Indian Hill neighborhood were toppled yesterday afternoon when power lines were snagged by a tractor-trailer truck.
1 : to catch or damage on or as if on a part sticking up or out <He snagged his sleeve on a nail.>
Chris Cole, unsurprisingly, snagged the Boost Mobile MVP award (getting cash and free phone service) and was the only skater to land some of the most bizarre moves, including the fakie heel-flip over the spine and the switch 360 flip crooks.
If those cables get snagged hard enough, you'll pull the wiring away from the connectors.