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Powys coroner Andrew Barkley recorded a narrative verdict saying: "It seems likely that his body had been held underwater by the strap being snagged in the undergrowth.
Soldier B said they were wearing dry suits, their own military clothing, a helmet and a knife to free themselves if snagged, a smoke flare and a deflated life jacket.
Bowen's first job was to try to free a snagged cable on the end of the shuttle's inspection boom.
Chris Cole, unsurprisingly, snagged the Boost Mobile MVP award (getting cash and free phone service) and was the only skater to land some of the most bizarre moves, including the fakie heel-flip over the spine and the switch 360 flip crooks.
If those cables get snagged hard enough, you'll pull the wiring away from the connectors.
The 6-foot-2, 195-pound Ramirez ran for 1,558 yards and 23 touchdowns on 145 carries as a junior, snagged four touchdown receptions and registered 45 tackles on defense.
In the hummingbird videos, most of the successful captures snagged the insect close to the mouth end of the hummingbird's bill, says Yanega.
The reason Lent is so long is that this path to the truth of oneself is long and snagged with thorns, and at the very end one stands alone before the broken body crowned with thorns upon the cross.
SKATE hunter Malcolm Bletsoe braced for a break when his baited tackle seemed snagged on the rocky bed of the Sound of Kerrera, off Oban, Strathclyde.
Seven girls each snagged $5,000 in cash for their outstanding community involvement.
Initially, he freelanced for Tyco toys and "drew steaks and pork chops" for a supermarket chain, then snagged a full-time job as a product illustrator for a home improvement company.