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It required all his attention and skill, however, to pilot her clear of sand-bars and snags of sunken trees.
On one occasion, having continued to float at night, after the moon was down, they ran under a great snag, or sunken tree, with dry branches above the water.
I had to keep guessing at the channel; I had to discern, mostly by inspiration, the signs of hidden banks; I watched for sunken stones; I was learning to clap my teeth smartly before my heart flew out, when I shaved by a fluke some infernal sly old snag that would have ripped the life out of the tin-pot steamboat and drowned all the pilgrims; I had to keep a look-out for the signs of dead wood we could cut up in the night for next day's steaming.
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is known to encounter snags.
Work to install the snags will begin later this month.
This extends thread life plus reduces mat snags when bolting.
Meanwhile, in another incident, a Kochi-bound flight from Bahrain took nearly 20 hours to reach its destination following technical snags and bad weather, prompting some of them to disembark and stage a protest.
Roy, said it happened due to some technical snags in the ATM machine.
Maybe there are so many snags to turning 40 that I'll ditch it altogether.
Summary: DUBAI - Nakheel on Monday announced that it has completed the snags of a large number of the apartments at Masakin Al Furjan.
That led Mark to think the fish were seeking cover up against an island protected by underwater snags.
March 25,2011 Aounist deputy of the House Alain Aoun,foretold a quick formation of a Miqati-led cabinet blaming"others" for eventual snags.