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Furthermore, some surgical sites may only be safely accessed by maneuvering along curved trajectories through constrained cavities, which would require planning motions for snakelike or tentaclelike robots with many degrees of freedom to bend around anatomical obstacles.
For one thing, the snakelike design of the district--and
The high-alert music by Joby Talbot and Jack White III energizes the extreme angles and snakelike head moves.
Sinuous rilles are narrow (often only 1 to 2 kilometers wide), snakelike trenches that cut across the lava plains.
Army is developing snakelike robots for battlefield action that could include search and rescue missions, opening doors, and handling improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in a bid to keep troops out of harm's way.
Nueva Esperanza ("New Hope") has 140 families and is one of the last towns along the Lempe, the country's main river, which winds snakelike from the Honduran border and empties into the estuaries along Pacific coast 10 miles south of here.
Older, grayer and perhaps a touch less snakelike, Douglas is still insinuatingly good, and his performance lays the groundwork for the film's one spectacularly cynical twist--one that proves too much for the film's crowd-pleasing instincts to bean Suffice to say that, in dramatic terms, Stone winds up bailing out his characters.
Gargano even finds the serpent in the "sinuous, snakelike cat" Melanie encounters in the tree ("The masquerade in the Garden, Women's Studies 36 [2007]: 57-78).
As well, Millais adds a snakelike braid to Maude Clare's gown that calls her moral worth into question relative to the aesthetically inferior yet warmly human crowd.
Like Geula's viper, the Southern sky cannot close its eyes on the horrors beneath it, and like the kibbutz members, the townspeople, who themselves are snakelike, are unable to see beyond the interior world they have created.
But the sharks prefer to hug the bottom, and they swim with a snakelike slither.
But it is the snakelike doubt that thrusts out its head, which gives us a glimpse of reality.