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For example, mobile manipulators, humanoids, and snakelike robots often require planning in higher-dimensional configuration spaces relative to wheeled and flying robots.
For one thing, the snakelike design of the district--and
The colour-shifting form of the cuttlefish, snakelike pipefish and even seahorses are all possible if you look in the right spot.
Washington, August 1 ( ANI ): A South American sea bird called an imperial cormorant left researchers astonished as it became "superbird" - diving 150 feet underwater in 40 seconds, feeding on the ocean floor for 80 seconds where it eventually caught a snakelike fish, before returning to the surface 40 seconds later.
Sporting slender, snakelike pods, yard-long beans took like regular green beans that just never quit.
Ascoli's intricate, but persuasive, argument pivots around an apparently incongruous reference to the mysterious figure of Ericthonius, whose ingenious ploy to hide his snakelike lower limbs from public view becomes a metaphor for the concealment of genitalia and an opportunity to draw an invidious comparison with women's "secret things" (p247).
Being outside in an earthquake and seeing concrete and pavements move in a snakelike manner, or being in a car and watching other cars bounce as if on a trampoline, or watching the whole estuary get up and boogie, is extraordinary.
The high-alert music by Joby Talbot and Jack White III energizes the extreme angles and snakelike head moves.
Sinuous rilles are narrow (often only 1 to 2 kilometers wide), snakelike trenches that cut across the lava plains.
Army is developing snakelike robots for battlefield action that could include search and rescue missions, opening doors, and handling improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in a bid to keep troops out of harm's way.
Nueva Esperanza ("New Hope") has 140 families and is one of the last towns along the Lempe, the country's main river, which winds snakelike from the Honduran border and empties into the estuaries along Pacific coast 10 miles south of here.