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When Williams's slick and silvery pseudopod sneaked a snakey look at Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in The Abyss, a pivotal point was reached in the movie and, in a way, in Cameron's career.
52) The priest and healer Umbro, who figures near the end of the catalogue, even possesses the ability to `soothe the anger' of snakes and cure their bites: his skill might be considered symbolically significant, given the role of the snakey Allecto in starting the war (though in fact, like his Homeric predecessors, he proves unable to save himself, let alone calm the passions which have led to the outbreak of hostilities).
Manuel Antonio National Park may be in danger of being loved to death, but a first visit to these few acres can still be an epiphany the sort of astonishing experience that might make someone who would not venture a cloud-forest trail or a possibly snakey jungle path wake up to the need to conserve such natural spaces.
Geelo Snakey steps up to 480m for a 'winner of one' contest at 5.
They brought along a host of feathered, furry and snakey friends to show all and sundry
SNAKEY WAKEY: 10ft African rock python Bruce was sizing up a sleeping man after being bought in a boozy haze.
Well my heart almost burst, my throat constricted without any help from my snakey associate and I ran to the other side of the studio for cover.
But yesterday Snakey was back in the arms of Mr Hart who had put her up for sale after she became too big for his son Nathan's home.
Alex travelled to the home of the charity to wave off Big Snakey as he made his way to Manchester Airport.
But the truly snakey thing is that ``F&L's'' distributor, Universal Pictures, decided to open it in the teeth of the biggest movie lizard of the year, ``Godzilla.
The selection had been comfortably beaten in a much better race on Steel City Cup final night but has generally been performing consistently round here and dug in to hold off Geelo Snakey by half a length seven days ago having been initially led by that rival.
It's never that simple, of course, and after 10 years little Mathilda's father, a snakey little senator played by the excellent Gabriel Byrne, comes back to haunt them.