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Snap scampered into the shrubbery, with a bloodthirsty snarl at starting.
A snap good as fire—Natty Bumppo gun he snap—Natty Bumppo miss a turkey
Saw Snap at the Exchange, and went up and trod on his toe.
The scarlet monster made a snap at the Nome's left foot, but missed it by fully an inch.
He stopped there, however, bid me good-morning, and called Snap, who seemed a little doubtful whether to follow his old mistress or his new master, but trotted away upon being summoned by the latter.
With all his strength and weight, he would shake the branch back and forth until he snapped her off as one would snap a fly from a whip-lash.
His pride kept his mouth shut, but the result of the chilling of his lungs in the cold snap could not be concealed.
This time the steward's hand was barely missed by a snap, and he leaped back as Michael ferociously sprang the length of the rope at him.
When he ventured to run abreast of the older wolf (which was seldom), a snarl and a snap sent him back even with the shoulder again.
So he made a snap at the shadow in the water, but as he opened his mouth the piece of meat fell out, dropped into the water and was never seen more.
But no matter how Spitz circled, Joe whirled around on his heels to face him, mane bristling, ears laid back, lips writhing and snarling, jaws clipping together as fast as he could snap, and eyes diabolically gleaming--the incarnation of belligerent fear.
A vicious snarl and a wicked snap that barely missed her fingers were her reward.