snap back

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resolution will terminate in 10 years, including the "snap back" provision on sanctions.
Historic deal brokered on Iran's nuclear deal: Israel, Saudi Arabia, hardliners in Iran and US fret, but deal allows quick snap back on sanctions for violations
Importers and exporters held back stock in May and June, fearing they would trigger the ''snap back,'' and this contributed to a buildup in stock in July after the Japanese government declared the tariff would not be imposed, he said.
Then the surrounding ligaments which have been stretched by the joint space opening, snap back into their proper anatomical position, making the second sound.
The introduction Enoch Showunmi and new signing Warren Feeney put the snap back into Luton's play.
My body doesn't snap back, and now I have more on the line than just a cast.
When you snap at them, they probably withdraw or snap back. When you're nice, they're nice back, right?
The drive can twist and snap back when the heads stop, knocking the heads off track and requiring a second seek for head positioning, thereby reducing the performance of the drive.
I pressed my behind against the corner of a wall with my pants at half-mast, twisted my position to smear the cheek to one side as much as possible, and quickly stuck it before my flesh could change its mind and snap back out of sight.