snap back

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Bungee words are those than can snap back, not in the joyous, breath-seizing rebound of the daredevil harness-diver, but with the sting of a snapped rubber band.
Do not yank on the hoses or let them snap back into the spool.
If Chicken Little's head can squish down when he ducks, for example, and then snap back into position, the character will appear more human than puppetlike.
The electric jolt instantly melts the patch of chalcogenide, and when the nanoseconds-long zap ends, the patch's temperature plummets so quickly that the jumbled atoms freeze in place before they can snap back into crystalline order.
And thanks to its high tensile strength, or the ability to resist breaking under the pulling force called tension, a single strand can stretch up to 40 percent longer than its original length and snap back as good as new.
This is the day the gingers snap back to give Joan Burnie her Martian orders.