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Snappily edited sequences of produce being transformed into calorie-loaded deliciousness will make your stomach rumble loudly.
Renalto developed his scheme, the snappily named The Geometry of Chance, after studying 29 lotteries around the world.
Their solitary sex scene is shot like a perfume advertisement - snappily edited glimpses of flesh on flesh, writhing in orgiastic ecstasy.
Channel 4's Three In A Bed is now the far less snappily named Four In A Bed.
In February, the Scottish government published the snappily titled Preventing Overweight and Obesity in Scotland: A Route Map Towards Healthy Weight its proposals include co-operating with retailers and/or producers on issues such as portion sizes, stocking policies, labelling and marketing, and are backed by the threat of legislative action if voluntary approaches "do not achieve sufficient progress towards a healthier balance in the meals, food and drinks sold".
Frothy and undemanding fun, Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson's revival of the naughty, hockey stick-wielding minxes is rather tame but is interspersed with snappily edited montages set to pop anthems by Shampoo, Sugababes, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Girls Aloud.
A wedge of wood painted black topped by a snappily jigsawed piece of white plywood refers to the equine as speedily as to, say, the sinuous curve of a Chippendale settee.
Snappily staged by Bob Avian, this deceptively jaunty lead-in introduces us to two mirror-image couples: the older, superficially enviable Amy and Charles, and the young, optimistic yet still noncommittal Barry (John Barrowman) and Julie (Susan Egan).
He has already revamped The Nutcracker, La Sylphide, and Swan Lake for his own contemporary dance company, Adventures in Motion Pictures, snappily known as AMP.
This fourteen minute tape is described by the American Library Association as "a snappily paced video with captioned tips, and engaging song and remarks from a supportive host which augment realistic, illustrative vignettes.
STANDBY for the North-east tourism Oscars, snappily named Aberdeen City and Shire Tourism Awards (ACSTA) - designed to" recognise operators who deliver an outstanding experience to business and leisure travellers.
40pM The role that defined Matthew Broderick as the thinking person's smart alec teen, in a snappily shot, razor-sharp John Hughes comedy.