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Both sides had started snappily but it was Dunfermline who were first to show in the seventh minute.
Made during a period when Quebecois filmmakers were fascinated by dysfunctional losers--rather than today's snappily dressed, gloomy yuppies--the late Francis Mankiewicz's best picture is saturated with a deep and satisfying melancholy.
His entirely successful tour de force is so snappily written, fast-moving, and erudite as to lead one to hope that he will one day turn his narrative talents to - why not?
The snappily titled Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc comprises the almost pinkish Bamboo White and Judo Red, which is more like hazmat orange.
Argentine scribe Pablo Silva developed the spray, and snappily called it "9:15 Fairplay" - a reference to the metric equivalent of the 10 yards defenders are supposed to retreat.
The early bonding scenes of them tracking redneck villains (Django relishes the fact he can make money killing "white folk") are amusingly and snappily shot.
Stylish and snappily edited biopic directed by Michele Placido.
The opening chase through the favelas of Colombia is snappily edited and he masterminds a sequence in a police station, which sees the heroine crawling around the building's ventilation ducts to sneak up on a criminal under armed guard.
The children have produced the first edition, snappily called Paddock Press, and their fellow pupils and teachers have been queueing up to read the school news hot off the press.
New online course, snappily entitled, beaplaywright.