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This imperfect sentence not being at all intelligible as a confession, but sounding like a Gargantuan order for a dram, brought him into new difficulties by occasioning his parent to pounce at him in a more than usually snappish manner, and to overwhelm him with bitter reproaches.
Bidding the other passengers good-night, in a rather snappish manner, the stranger alighted.
Perhaps if you skip breakfast you're rather snappish by mid-morning or little things start to annoy you more than usual when you're late having a meal?
The seasonal favorite, Ginger Snappish, is just one of the many.
Either a decision you made yesterday or one that you make today will receive a snappish reception.
Chas is troubled to see her brother being snappish with Moira and in cahoots with Charity, and assumes he's having an affair.
Do these pressures make Aucklanders snappish, curt, and impatient, like the stereotype of Parisians?
Does no one have the patience to work with her in spite of her snappish attitude?
A deleted paragraph (reproduced in the notes) turns a general statement ("we have a snappish criticism") into a scathing attack on the South: "We intend to set and keep a cordon sanitaire, all around the infected district, and by no means suffer the pestilence to spread" (CW 7:252).
He was snappish first thing in the morning and drunk and morose by the late afternoon, but there were several hours during the day, in which he was extraordinarily lucid, as if all his powers of observation and communication were concentrated during this period.
The women who are most intimately involved in Skeeter's book are the meek Aibileen (Viola Davis), whose love for the young white girl she cares for is as beauti-ful as it is pure, and the snappish but very personable, not to mention entertaining, Minny (Octavia Spencer).
He does not, like Jill, Eustace, and the Pevensie children, become snappish or discouraged or moody due to tiredness or hunger.