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In the day, strides from room to room on second floor, quick, jovial, shrewd-eyed, a little snappish, a sudden edge of mockery.
These shared premises did not preclude dispute, however, as the many discussants of papers and discussion topics attest, and the gloves could sometimes come off in print, as with the ever-combatant William Houston's snappish response in 1890 to Professor James Cappon's views, which he considered incognizant of the realities of the crowded high-school timetable (Cappon "Subjects and Methods"; Houston "The Proposed English").
I had expected a snappish attitude, but instead was greeted by a warm, friendly sales associate.
The first character to appear in the story is not Parker, the as yet unknown protagonist, but Sarah Ruth, his snappish, snapping wife.
Reece Shearsmith's Jacques and Sean Hughes's Touchstone were disconcertingly similar in tone, with Jacques played as a snappish would-be fool who was unable to raise laughter from the Duke's courtiers, and Touchstone as a frequently melancholy and abrupt clown.
Les Invasions introduces several important new characters, including Stephane Rousseau as Sebastien, Remy's adult son, a wealthy London money man estranged from his father, though he still cares for him; Marie-Josee Croze as Nathalie, Diane's junkie daughter with a needle and a pointed attitude; and former pop star Mitsou Gelinas as Ghislaine, Pierre's sexy and snappish young wife.
She's calm and level-headed one second but snappish the next?
They weren't even thirty yet, still in their twenties, still young, and the only things that stretched ahead of them were empty years of polite silence, snappish answers to simple questions, deflated arguments over game calls that mattered less and less with each passing moment, until they were just two people, old, ugly, missing teeth and missing hair, nothing tying them together but a last name, a shared address, the echo of something that once mattered between them.
Reading so many letters by agitated writers can make one edgy and snappish, especially after a fourth cup of coffee.
Many workers will recognise colleagues who become irritable and snappish as the pressure of work mounts up, some will note the supervisor or manager becoming perhaps a little forgetful or more indecisive as their workload increases.
I have found, in fact, while you see moments of what you and I would instinctively recognize as sort of a snappish anti-American [comment], it is just so much a part of their fabric that they don't even realize they are saying it or doing it.