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Nikoletina yelled at her snappishly, coming to his senses.
In a letter in July to Emerson, Fuller wrote rather snappishly that Concord lacked the "animating influences of Discord" that she found necessary for her own compositions (LMF 3: 213).
It's hard to top, the sensational image of this peevish adolescent snappishly ordering Daddy to be quiet and step aside, while she explained to "horrified police" how the physics of sinking a body required disemboweling.
Careful recapitulation of secondary opinions and footnotes which stray down long bibliographical trails are, however, much to be preferred to the snappishly superficial manner sometimes met in Renaissance studies.
When the judge asked Joseph if he were a house painter, he snappishly rejoined that he was the junior manager of a bank.
When McCrory isn't walking off with the play, a decibel-heavy evening may leave you wanting to lower the volume, just as Paul Brown's supremely capacious set can't disguise the miscasting of leading man Gillen, who snappishly if not very sympathetically is handed centerstage.