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Snappy Pet Food Delivery is a team of individuals dedicated to care and protecting your precious pet.
Our strategic objectives were two fold," commented George Judd, CEO of Snappy.
SNAPPY MONIKER But Spandau Ballet-inspired team lost
Trap draw for Thursday's pounds 500-to-the-winner decider: 1 Robbies Touch, 2 Hay Becky (m), 3 Snappy Ciarion (m), 4 Compliance Spark (m), 5 Breaking Dawn (m), 6 Somers Boy (m).
Crocodiles should normally be green, but Snappy, as he is affectionately known, has astonished his owners and experts by turning orange.
He believes that business between them has been soured by a toxic, personal agenda which makes him snappy as a menopausal warthog.
Name: Olivia Whittaker Age: 10 Lives:Old Swan Favourite teacher: Mrs Lovell as she makes lessons fun Strengths: Maths Could do better: Could tidy my bedroom more often Interests: Karate and making cards in the school's Snappy Cards Club Hero and why: My mum, I look up to her and love the way she dresses.
The name 'Radio Newcastle' is obviously not snappy or precise enough for today's modern age.
Snappy was the size of a saucer when first spotted at a country park by wardens 17 years ago.
writer-director Sue Kramer obviously hopes to pattern her film after the classic screwball comedies from the '40s: The banter is snappy and fast, the characters bond over Till the Clouds Roll By, and there are even two sustained ballroom dance sequences.
While Don't Murder Your Mystery is written especially for mystery, suspense, and crime fiction writers, the tips, tricks and techniques from bewaring cliches or avoiding clumsy and confusing body language descriptions to making one's dialogue snappy, sharpening self-editing skills and much more will prove invaluable to fiction writers of all genres.
Yet the show doesn't skimp on shtick or snappy one-liners; it's a win-win for viewers both superficial and soured on life.