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And the cold snap came and remained, and Circle City was only two hundred miles away.
I see bad snaps and holds for the place kick and bad long snaps even on the Division I level.
We save money and the hassle of trying to replace snaps by using a snap setter we locally purchased and a rawhide mallet, NSN 5120-00-222-2220.
A SNAP also provides for minimum interrupts to the host processor and direct data placement into host buffers.
The snaps that make this highly territorial lifestyle possible are loud even to human ears, says Knowlton.
First, you have to decide who is going to snap the ball in these critical situations.
Everyone appreciates a beach mat you can relax on that snaps open and closes so easily.
9 : to get, take, or buy at once <Customers were hoping to snap up a bargain.
Currently, nearly 2,000,000 site owners and bloggers use Snap Shots to deliver a more compelling user experience; such sites include TechCrunch, Guy Kawasaki, Xanga.
Snap Appliance(TM), the network storage division of Adaptec, Inc.
NDMP opens the door for Snap Appliance to be a player in a larger portion of the enterprise backup and recovery market while enhancing our data protection offerings for our customers," said Mark Pollard, vice president of marketing of the Snap Appliance division of Adaptec.
I am pleased to see that Snap is planning support for non-Snap application servers too.