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Inspector Anderton added: "This incident involved a free-running snare which is legal, but it is important to be aware that these snares can become damaged and rusted, which can mean they may in practice act as illegal self-locking snares.
Defra don't set snares in order to protect wild birds.
We cannot over emphasize the need for strong government commitment and investment in rangers who are on the frontline of conservation, clearing snares and apprehending those who set them," said Mike Baltzer, leader of WWF Tigers Alive.
Snares could be banned in Wales if farmers and gamekeepers do not abide by a voluntary code of best practice, a crossparty group of AMs has said.
These groups are professional in nature and well-supplied with the means to patrol die region, mainly searching out left-behind snares for removal, sometimes removing the poacher himself from field to jail.
The RSPCA is opposed to the manufacture, sale and use of all snares.
Jacqui Cuff, from Cats Protection, said: "This subject has long been very close to our hearts because we hear of the terrible injuries that snares inflict on cats, whether they are domestic pets, strays or feral.
Should dogs become tangled in a snare, it can result in a costly vet's bill and should wildlife be snared, it can lead to a slow and agonising death.
Dr Colin Rickman and his team are observing SNARE proteins in pancreatic beta-cells, the highly specialised cells that release insulin.
Always position any trap or snare in a location where there is evidence of animal activity: runs and trails, tracks, droppings, chewed or rubbed vegetation.
The company's ONE Snare Endovascular Snare System is a single-loop snare designed to provide both accuracy and reliability for effective foreign body manipulation and retrieval.
A snare is also attached to the end to remove growths.