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Hainley of Marist in rudimental snare drum, Lukas Storm of South Eugene in Tuba and Jaime McDermot of Marshfield High in mezzo voice.
The Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum is part of the original drum kit used during the making of the band's debut album Generation Terrorists and the filming of the Stay Beautiful video.
Horns were magnificent, as was the snare drum in the battle build-up.
Sadly Anton demonstrated the dark side of his character when a faulty snare drum caused him to lead his band off-stage.
2 Step: Sparse, hard-hitting hip-hop subgenre mixing r&b vocals and loud snare drum.
Karen Kirk, 41, from Cardiff, paid pounds 1,000 for the signed Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum which was donated by the band's Sean Moore.
Distance between neat snare drum and solo marimba made for slightly edgy ensemble, the tricky third movement also took time to gel.
Drummer James MacKintosh plays with real flair and imagination, often slipping into a dub rhythm, the snare drum adding the skank.
A new kind of synthesizer, the Mandala offers the world's fastest trigger, precise strike detection across the entire pad, and a musical range so wide it can act like the top-of-the-line Black Beauty Snare Drum -- or virtually any other instrument imaginable.
Snare drum punchline of the week: Chinese President Hu Jintao had lunch this week with President Bush, and an hour later Bush wanted to have lunch with him again.
While at school, she discovered she could play the snare drum.