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However, Hibs hit back at the killjoy claims and revealed they will permit other instruments at the ground today - just not the snare drum.
com Thrash around in mid-air and these sticks will perform snare drum, tom-tom or crash cymbal sounds, switching from one to the other at the flick of a switch.
The composition of snaps and pops evoked gunfire, in the militaristic tradition of the rudimental snare drum.
Dourly partnered by Charles Askegard, Kozlova opened the New York season with the Black Swan Pas de Deux, portraying Odile with a sensibility that called for rim shots on a snare drum.
The HD Black Beauty Battery 3 Player for Mandala offers drummers the most accurate digital representation of an acoustic drum, via 3,360 samples of a single vintage 1970s 5x14 Super Sensitive Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum.
Songs like Starry Eyed and Only You were massive blasts of euphoric electropop, accompanied by the singer pounding on a snare drum at the front of the stage.
Again a big outro full of brass and snare drum, These lads appeared at Electric Picnic and without a doubt they will be back.
Our top winner will receive a Drumfest snare drum, two festival T-shirts and two tickets to the NEC show on July 13.
Then when he was 14 my dad bought him a snare drum and a cymbal and it was rock'n'roll here we come.
Ashley staggered his way out of the living room, almost colliding with the abandoned snare drum - he still hadn't discovered who it belonged to - and made his way into the toilet where a sudden contraction of his stomach muscles made him gag.
John Taylor would make some suggestions around the theme, Martin France would stir his brushes around his snare drum and touch a cymbal or two, Palle Dan-ielsson would resonate some pedal notes, before sliding up the neck of his double bass.
The eccentric disruption of the first part of Nielsen's Fifth Symphony by an improvising snare drum, and the hymn-like theme that overcomes it, were performed with superb style and vigour.