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With modern snares you can snare anything from rabbits to black bears.
To combat human-caused injuries and life-threatening diseases, MGVP provides snare removal, medical care, disease and physiological research for the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.
In late morning of the final day, McLellan had but one snare left to check, one chance left to impress.
We are excited about owning the EXPRO Elite and MICRO Elite snares and capturing the entire margin on the sale of the product while adding international sales," commented Howard Root, Chief Executive Officer of Vascular Solutions.
e modern snare - not the illegal homemade piano wire abominations so often photographed in newspaper reports - is a highlydeveloped piece of conservation technology.
TWO cats returned home hardly able to breathe after becoming trapped in thin wire snares around their necks.
A BADGER died after getting caught in two snares near Coventry.
Snares must be checked at least once a day and must not be on land where the public have access.
Despite all my efforts to reassure him, John Gill, the animal rights activist, is still getting his boxer shorts in a twist over traps and snares (Voice of the North, May 16).
He said: "I was very disappointed when the Scottish parliament threw out the movement to end the barbaric practice of setting snares.
The RSPCA said it would now investigate the incident and spoke out about the dangers of snares.
Animal welfare officers have slammed poachers who continue to use the snares unlawfully causing what they say is 'indiscriminate injury and extreme suffering' to animals.