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Now the National Anti Snaring Campaign hopes to use the incident to support its call for a ban on snares.
Mechanical snares containing chemicals used to trap unwanted pests will be buried in the outer fields of the farms protecting 100 palm trees each," said Al Said.
The code of snaring good practice says that all snares should be inspected preferably twice a day, but that just does not happen and a failure to follow the guidelines is not a crime.
Different SNAREs allow other cells to release substances such as mucus or cytokines.
Our snares are checked every 24 hours and comply with all regulations.
New controls were announced to limit the use of snares and also reduce the unnecessary suffering of animals.
Within 15 m of each bait site we also established snares along active deer trails by placing a single strand of barbed wire across one to two trails leading to the bait site.
The cats would have had no chance if the snares had gone around their necks because the wire tightens under pressure and they would have been strangled to death.
When they returned in February this year, a live cat was caught in one of the snares, after being attracted by the smell, and was desperately trying to free itself.
Victims of snares may die of strangulation, or they may weaken, stop struggling and starve to death or be killed by predators.
And then there's me, lost among the stacked clutter of snares, cymbals and a kick drum.
Since August, the Kenyan group Youth for Conservation has removed and destroyed 226 snares in Nairobi Park, Mt.