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All efforts to recover wild tigers are now imperiled by snaring on a massive scale.
Wolf trapping was common in both study areas with snaring the preferred capture method.
We recorded the total number of barbs available for snaring hair as the number of barbs directly above the impacted trail plus one additional barb on either side of the trail.
Ngonyyo says that subsequent visits to snaring hotspots have shown a general decline in poaching activity, which he attributes to this community education and involvement program.--Youth for Conservation, PO.
Police last night confirmed they were investigating the snaring of foxes on Cawdor Estate, a hideaway used by the rich and famous.
Mission jumped in, snaring some high-profile projects.
With one exception, the sculptures on view take the form of traps for snaring a menagerie of prey--dogs, cats, fowl, even red deer--though I doubt they ever have been or will be used as such.
Here is just one example of hunting versus traps and snaring.
According to Foster, the gorillas are vulnerable to such war-related dangers as land mines, military patrols, habitat destruction and an increase in poaching and snaring activities.
The fact is that Wales is already leading the way in snaring policy in the UK, having recently published a new code of practice which the League Against Cruel Sports agreed to word for word, yet refused to put their logo on the document.
Role of snaring in countryside IN response to a recent spate of letters to news publications across Wales from the League Against Cruel Sports putting forward bizarre statistics on the use and capture rate of snares, we note the fantastical claims being made to fuel their disingenuous petition and will take appropriate action.
Janice Watt, NI senior public affairs officer for the League, said: "We were delighted when the minister agreed to re-think legislation on snaring.