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Without exaggeration, fox snaring is almost irreplaceable for certain conservation work.
Wolf trapping was common in both study areas with snaring the preferred capture method.
The snaring of foxes is on the agenda and it may lead to a change in the law.
Please don't get the idea that trappers are out snaring deer by the truckload.
The gorillas are threatened by habitat encroachment, poachers and an increase in snaring activities.
THE recent incident of snaring of the badger at Holmfirth as reported in the Examiner (September 22) is a good reason for Examiner readers to take action and write to their MP.
ROCKER Brian May has backed Scottish Labour's plans to abolish the practice of snaring wild animals after the SNP and Tories joined up to fight the ban.
I wonder if the message of the extent and horror of snaring is being conveyed to the public and why more is not being done to bring about a total ban.
The National Anti- Snaring campaign were called after a walker found the cub in a wood near Widdrington, Northumberland.
ANIMAL rights' campaigners demanded a ban on snaring after a report exposed a "gruesome catalogue" of suffering.
Our objective was to develop an efficient and cost-effective device to noninvasively monitor free-ranging raccoons (Procyon lotor) by snaring hair for individual identification.
It gives people important guidance to ensure that they only use snares where necessary, that they weigh welfare considerations against the benefits of snaring and that when they do use snares they use them humanely and avoid harming non-target animals.