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The Metropolitan Police has been working with the RSPCA and Snarl but to date there have been no arrests, and no specific suspects identified.
A Gurgaon police spokesperson accused the Huda and expressway operator for not maintaining the road and also for the ensuing traffic snarls on the expressway.
Snarls were the order of the day as Delhiites heading home from office got stuck in waterlogged streets following three hours of heavy rains in the afternoon.
A DAY after unprecedented waterlogging and traffic snarls brought Delhi to a halt, chief minister Sheila Dikshit was forced out of her chamber on Tuesday and hit the road to review the situation.
Cars stood bumper- to- bumper in snarls across the Capital as heavy rains lashed the city for the third consecutive day on Wednesday, water- logging arterial roads and knocking out traffic signals.
A traffic police officer said the traffic snarls would start right from the border points.
Heavy rains lashed several parts of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, leading to water-logging and traffic snarls.
Summary: The incident caused heavy delays and snarls along the street
Sometimes the connection between celebrant and source material is too esoteric to discern without a cheat sheet--live snarls help construct the paean to Strangers on a Train author Patricia Highsmith--but the results are compelling regardless.
Caninus is more of the same, a little slower and dirgier, but with Budgie and Basil (two pit bulls) filling out the "vocal" duties with snarls, barks and growls.
The pastoral progressiveness of Vermont gives way to the vibrant wildness of the Adirondacks, a region that snarls and resists the neat, suburban landscapes that surround it.