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The roads were becoming so snarled up with traffic that some Go-Ahead Northern drivers were complaining that in the rush hour it was taking them 45 minutes to get from Worswick Street (off Pilgrim Street) and over the Tyne Bridge.
All seven crew members of a Russian mini-submarine trapped for nearly three days under the Pacific Ocean were rescued Sunday by a British unmanned underwater vehicle which cut away the undersea cables that snarled the submarine, the Russian Navy said.
Brian told me that, just before he shot it, "That lion snarled at me--not like any old lion would snarl, but like the fourth largest lion in the world would snarl."
The prisoner alleged that the officer banged and kicked on his door, threw his food tray through the slot in the cell door, made aggravating remarks to him, growled and snarled at him, behaved in a racially prejudicial manner toward him, and jerked and pulled the him unnecessarily hard when escorting him from his cell.
The Clash was flicking cool, from their leather jackets and greased-up hair to the way Strummer snarled when he sang--not yelled--lyrics that really meant something.