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Furthermore you only have to look at Rangers recent displays to see that what they lack is a real leader, a snarler, a clenched-fist man, somebody who can make them look like a team and not a collection of individuals.
There were grown men, myself included, on their feet making punching gestures as Ripley whomped the acid-veined snarler about like a daddy longlegs.
If Murray junior is renowned as one of the great sporting snarlers, his mother is something else.
We are so often reminded by sage, cauliflower-eared old snarlers that calling the intricacies of front-row play is a thankless task for those uninitiated in the art itself.
In place of Buckleyan civility, we have right-wing snarlers like Tom Delay and Dick Cheney.
But I don't have time to think about the snarlers and nippers because their teams, sadly, fail when the stakes are high.
The Hammers defeated Craig Bellamy and his fellow Blackburn snarlers to begin their Premiership life with a fine flourish.