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If by chance one of the purrers gets into the circle of snarlers and growlers, either he flees in desperate search of more congenial company, or else there is a terrific argument, Of course it does not end in agreement.
Before you ask, no it's not Stand Alone Drumcree, or even that Seasonal Affective Disorder thingy, where grumpy snarlers want to tell the world to bog off because there isn't enough sun.
He seemed taken with the Dogs of War tag given to Danish midfielders Stig Tofting and Thomas Gravesen but speculated Sven's Snarlers would take care of them.
But 22-year-old Chirk hopeful Ceri Jackson said Jaci could give the other top telly snarlers like Anne Robinson and Simon Cowell a run for their money.
Little wonder when he was hounded non-stop by those central snarlers Dennis Wise and Robbie Savage.
It grew positively stygian, it became in his mind a pit of vagrants and distempered snarlers.
There's been a great discipline among the team this season but no lack of a will to win, nor snarlers.