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This eventually led to a massive traffic snarl on the Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway with vehicles lined up behind one another up to the flyover in Sector 31.
I am going to Kullu, we have been stuck here for three to four hours, there was a traffic snarl earlier as well," said Jagvinder, a truck driver.
He's always recognizably "Friedlander," but that Friedlander is such a snarl of so many different things--laundry, peeing dog, potted plants, trees, and pebbles--that it is as endlessly demanding as it is rewarding.
That ant nibbles plants in Nicaragua into snarls dense enough to foil hungry birds.
Nothing is guaranteed to raise blood pressure faster than construction-related slow-downs and snarls.
The RAK traffic and patrols department, alerted of the snag, dispatched technical teams to fix the problem, along with traffic policemen to control the traffic and prevent snarls.
THE Gurgaon Police has asked the National Highway Authority of India ( NHAI) to widen the U- turn at Rajokri and speed up the construction of under pass at the Udyog Vihar flyover to ease traffic snarls during peak hours.
New Delhi, Aug 21 (ANI): Heavy rains lashed several parts of the national capital this evening leading to traffic snarls in many parts of the city.
Along with the Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Keane and Franz Ferdinand, we've fallen for Editors, an aggressive quartet that positively snarls.
lang's similarly titled hit, the verse's melody turns into a violent synthesizer lift as singer Frankie Fearless snarls in a voice laden with horror-movie effects.
Moving from cluttered, closed lands to the imagined freedom of empty space and back again, Moppett's work unfolds as it retraces, negotiating the tangled snarls of history and the traps known as utopias--territories that close in on those who enter.
He also said this is a major relief to many of motorists, who used to face traffic snarls when the bridge was closed.