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And in place of a pendulum just a green, snarly Grinch
If you were one of the people who thought the Muppets weren't creepy enough, Bougatsos and Sadie Laska sound like puppet cave demons reluctantly headed for exorcism, howling and barking and biting on snarly looped-metal jams like "Girls Just Wanna (Time to Have Sex).
Rick (the unfunny David Walton), followed by nasty rival cheer squad (and perennial champs) the Panthers, dressed in black and led by snarly Gwyneth (Annalynne McCord), who's determined to keep the customarily cellar-dwelling Tigers in their place.
From a theatrical history point of view, the Queen's Revels, which played in the Blackfriars theater and possibly continued to the Whitefriars theater, presents a snarly mess of factual contradictions.
You'll find no time for sexing your best friend's ex or posting snarly Craigslist comments, and you'll be extra lovable.
and, most importantly, a giant snarly green-skinned monster who will hopefully smash all around him.
It was a milestone for the spunky singer-songwriter with alternately snarly and smooth pipes, who's been bouncing around the music biz since the mid 1990s, when she was primarily a jazz crooner who hung around with B-boys in her native Adelaide.
More and more each day, reporters would rise in righteous indignation to pose some snarly question and I would retort in kind.
I resisted all that 'poor her' business by becoming highly visible and snarly.
There's a bit of rock and smooth funk infused into these smart grooves, and the snarly vocals she delivers when her vocals are at full tilt can recall Janis Joplin -- most notably on the excellent commentary on our world, ``Fake is the New Real.
From the snarly "ouch" encore, to the power pop chorus and the classic punk posture of loving the retro radio, this is fantastic-sounding camp death music.