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Quickly she snatched the blanket from before the infant's face; Anderssen was looking at her as she did so.
Pale, with quivering lips, Pierre snatched the copy.
As Thar Ban reached the side of his mount he snatched his long radium rifle from its boot, and, wheeling, poured three shots into the oncoming red men.
The red warrior whom he had put to flight turned in the entrance to the palace, and, seeing Carthoris' intent, snatched a rifle from those that he and his fellows had left leaning against the wall as they had rushed out with drawn swords to prevent the theft of their prisoner.
No sooner had he spoken than Alice Vane glided from her station, and pressing one hand across her eyes, with the other snatched away the sable curtain that concealed the portrait.
"Stay yet a while," said the Selectman, as Hutchinson again snatched the pen; "for if ever mortal man received a warning from a tormented soul, your Honor is that man!"
A dagger snatched from the harness of her mistress was waved aloft by some fair slave, its shimmering blade crimson with the lifeblood of its owner; swords plucked from the bodies of the dead about them; heavy ornaments which could be turned into bludgeons--such were the implements with which these fair women wreaked the long-pent vengeance which at best could but partially recompense them for the unspeakable cruelties and indignities which their black masters had heaped upon them.
As the fellow went down I snatched his sword from him and over his prostrate body looked into the eyes of the one whose quick hand had saved me from the first cut of his sword--it was Phaidor, daughter of Matai Shang.
KARACHI: Robbers gunned down a teenage student of Grade VIII upon resistance during mobile snatching incident here on Tuesday.According to details, armed robbers riding a motorcycle tried to snatch a cell phone from 15-year-old Ahsan while he was playing games on a mobile phone outside his residence located in Korangi area ofKarachi.
One real-life example of a good snatch is what has happened and is happening in the city of Dumaguete whose name was coined from the Cebuano word dagit, which means 'to snatch.' Historically, Dumaguete was named as such because of frequent 'snatching' raids by Muslim pirates on this coastal community centuries ago.
A married couple was the target of a bag snatch in Tonle Bassac commune, with the man suffering fatal head injuries after being forced off his motorcycle while pursuing the thieves.
"Monkeys snatch food and things from people frequently.