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During initial probe, the suspects told the investigators that they snatched a luxury vehicle and cash from Sharea Faisal on June 7, but later abandoned it when they realised that the vehicle belonged to an officer of a 'sensitive institution'.
In second incident, two armed persons riding a motorcycle snatched cash on gunpoint from a furniture dealer in broad daylight robbery incident on Faisal Shaheed road in limits of the same police station.
According to the police spokesman, the DSP Chilgari Mian Faheem Ahmed Farooqui received information that four persons have snatched a Car No: BHT-994 from from the jurisdiction of New Town Police Station Karachi last night and now moving towards Hyderabad.
During the same period 26972 motorbikes were snatched or stolen and only 4900 of these motorcycles were recovered.
The journalist whose cellphone was snatched by Shahid Masood had also filed a case at Ramna Police Station in the capital city.
It is charming enough for visitors to be 'snatched' to live, work or stay there, in the spirit of carpe diem.
But this is the first time a monkey has snatched a snake probably thinking it was food," said a local resident Avatans Kumar, 23.
Vimeandara said the handbag was snatched on August 13, Tonle Bassac commune, Chamkarmon district.
He told police that his wife had kept cash over Rs 10,000 and a cell phone in the purse that was snatched by the suspects.
The quick action of an Iranian in apprehending a man who snatched his wife's handbag in front of a luxury hotel in Jalan Conlay here today, has inadvertently helped the police solve several previous snatch thefts involving foreign tourists.
The reviews are in and it's not looking great for "Snatched." The film stars Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, a mother-daughter duo on an unexpected wild adventure through South America.
Two bikers snatched a gold chain from the woman and sped away.