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ACOR owns a 1/10th of 1% ORRI under PEL 111, which includes the Snatcher Oil Field, covering approximately 292,819 gross acres.
Superintend of Police (SP) Sariab Zahoor Ahmad told that unidentified bike snatchers riding a motorbike opened fire at the SP of Sariab vehicle when his vehicle was crossing the area.
The second well, Snatcher-10, was a deviated delineation well that appraised the northern extent of the Snatcher field approximately 300 metres northwest of Snatcher-3.
He went on to star in many f i lms but found lasting fame in Body Snatchers in 1956, in which he co-star red wit h Dana Wynter.
Buzzers, Snatchers, Zonkers and Woolly Buggers all took fish with a slow figure-of-eight retrieve or wind-blown swing.
When a computer, with SNATCHER installed, connects to the Internet, SNATCHER will enable you to download from the hard drive any file(s)of any type.
PEL 111 - Three (3) Well Drilling Program 100% Successful - All Three (3) Wells Strike Oil - Snatcher Oil Field Now Producing Oil
In 1971, David Cameron's political idol Margaret Thatcher, then Education Secretary, was dubbed a milk snatcher when she ended free school milk for over-sevens.
A pensioner being treated for damaged tendons after fending off a bag snatcher got a pleasant surprise yesterday when her visitors included Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.
Richard Hannon, successful 12 months ago with King's Quay, has his two-year-olds in top form and saddles both Ned Luddand The Snatcher, while Emirates Skyline looked one of Godolphin's better juveniles when he won first time out at Doncaster in July.
IN A daring chase, a student athlete of Miranda House college of Delhi University helped the Delhi Police in catching a snatcher, who ran away with a woman's gold chain.